My Gypsy Heart

Designs and Music from the Inspired Heart of Bhavani Judith Tucker

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Private Sessions

Whether as a child you were told by friends, family or a music teacher that you couldn't sing, or to just mouth the words and now as an adult you feel a sense of loss as you struggle to express yourself musically...I can help you find your true voice that will enable you to sing comfortably. If you are rhythmically challenged, we can remedy that!

Or, if you play guitar but are stuck unable to fingerpick or strum rhythmically, we can trouble-shoot problems in your technique and get you moving forward again.

If you love kirtan and chanting and would like to learn to play harmonium for your own private devotional practice, or to lead others in chanting the holy Names of the Divine, we can explore that Ocean together.

Rates are very reasonable, and often just a few sessions are all you'll need. When you can enjoy making music alone or with others instead of feeling unmusical, your whole life will be enriched and infused with joy.
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