My Gypsy Heart

Designs and Music from the Inspired Heart of Bhavani Judith Tucker

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Welcome to My Gypsy Heart, my online home for sharing the outpouring of Sound and Silence (via artwork) that flows through me.

I am a devotional musician who leads kirtan, the Dances of Universal Peace, and SatSongs (original songs that flow through me during meditation or sleep) ...accompanying myself on piano, guitar, harmonium, kartals, mbira, tar and more... in a variety of settings including yoga studios, ashrams, and private homes. In private sessions, it is my greatest joy to help remove musical blocks from those who think they can't sing or feel rhythm, or who have hit a wall in their ability to play an instrument.

And, I richly decorate recycled and renewed wooden Boxes, Chairs, Shelves, Bowls, Tables, Mirror and Picture Frames, Children's and Doll Furniture, Rocking Horses and more! Commissions include large wooden planters, doors and trim, outdoor benches, mailboxes and hand-railings.

This site is under construction at this point, and has just a few examples of my offerings, as well as contact information. Over the next few weeks it will become more comprehensive. Thank you for visiting...Please stop by again!

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